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Underground is the base of our business.  Us stands for 'Them and Us' if you know what Us means then you are apart of Us a person who understands what we are about, what it feels like to bomb a hill, come home from a wild night at 9am or pull into overhead barrels.  Our logo is well known and when you put that together it clear if you know Us you are apart Us. 
Underground has been operating since 1997 and strive to be the very best at what they do weather it Surf, Skate or Fashion.  We have separated sites to portray the purity of our product offerings and to reflect the layout of our store.  To see what's happening with Us on a global level visit our blog and make sure you keep up to date by liking our Facebook. To check out our Online SURF store Click here or come on in and visit us at Bakehouse Lane Orewa P 094279552 open 7 Days.